Dear Morrissey

Dear Morrissey,

I know your busy schedule of scowling at babies and glaring at others whilst exhaling deeply must be incredibly time consuming, but maybe you should take 5 and examine the subhuman atrocities that the English have and continue to commit against the rest of the world through colonialism/imperialism and the same structures of institutionalized racism that have raised you to believe that in your race, nationality and gender, you are superior enough to publicly declare an entire people as less than human. Ironically, for the mistreatment of animals, who happen to be just that.

One of the many ways I differ from you is that in addition to loathing the abuse of animals, I also find it quite loathsome when human beings are enslaved, beaten, shot, raped, beheaded, quartered, stretched, impaled, disemboweled, flayed, boiled in oil, castrated, burned at the stake or whatever unfathomable barbaric treatment to which the English have subjected any humans who dare challenge the omnipotence of the “great” British Empire or any “God” they decided the rest of the world must worship, most often against their will. Or is abuse of power and the brutal extinguishing of a life only unacceptable to you when the perpetrators are not Anglo? Or only when the tortured are not human?

Maybe you should evaluate whether your own “English heart” should qualify as belonging to the human race before you go questioning another’s place as a part of the species. Because if you can judge a people by the actions of those in power over them, you might as well just sashay right alongside the Chinese back into the primordial ooze, for your hands drip with blood just as theirs.

With utter disgust,

Iféoluwa B.