Time Capsule

DeKalb Ave.

So I came across a journal entry from my cousin from almost 10 years ago. It had me loling so I had to share. The funny thing is I don’t even remember this encounter. But I guess growing up in NYC, after a while, your crackhead encounters tend to blur together:

Monday, March 17, 2003

So Ife and me had just finished watching LOTR:TT in the crapiest theatre in the world-Chelsea Cinema-, and we went to catch the “Q”. So while standing on the platform, this lady crack head kept pacing up and down, and when the train came she got on. She asked the whole car for money, and no one gave her any (cause they knew she was a crack head), so then she walked up to me as I was the only standing person on the train. She started to recite some sort of speech, maybe it was from a play, or something she made up, or was making up. It was really crazy. She talked about television characters, and civil rights movement people, and made up some story about how I came to a party, or someone’s house and she was there w/ like Malcolm X or something and I kept trying to sell drugs to kids. Also for some reason she kept asking me to take off my hood. All the while I was trying to move to the opposite side of the pole from where she was (and of course she’d follow me). I just kept looking at her hands, and making sure that if she reached for something I would be able to lift my leg up and kick/push her in the face w/ my foot, hopefully sending her to the opposite side of the car where I would disarm her, and try and get off the train. Thankfully the train stopped before she tried anything more crazy, and me and Ife got off the train. Then I saw her move to another car, and Ife and me got back on the train. If she had stabbed me, nobody, except possibly Ife would’ve even helped me on that car of death.

Thank You New York!