KONY 2012 is a load of self righteous, racist, misinformed crap.


This is a GREAT page. And everyone who has spread that “KONY 2012” video and doesn’t spread this with the same urgency is a hypocrite. I am SO TIRED of the western world using the supposedly “sub-human, war torn, famine and AIDS ridden hellhole called Africa” myth to line their own pocketbooks. It is racist tripe and and only helps fuel the collective Oblivious White Western Ego. “Oh look at us! We’re SAVING them. Aren’t we GRAND!” But it never addresses the issue of actually HOW and WHY many of these countries are in the position they are in in the first place. Here’s a hint, it ain’t Kony. Here is one of my favorite quotes from Teju Cole: “From Sachs to Kristof to Invisible Children to TED, the fastest growth industry in the US is the White Savior Industrial Complex,” Cole writes. “The white savior supports brutal policies in the morning, founds charities in the afternoon, and receives awards in the evening.” Until the west finally admits to it’s own hand in the brutality that has taken place on that continent and decide to rectify THAT, they have nothing to say to me or any other African about anything.

How quickly did everyone forget about Bono and the ONE foundation/ Project RED campaign and how it came out that they made about 9.6 million pounds a year and BARELY 1 PERCENT of it went to actual charity. And when questioned they pulled the same Invisible Children “It’s not a charity, it’s just to raise awareness”. Since when do you need millions of dollars to make a viral video? Who knew that 7th grader in Iowa who made a youtube lip sync vid to Katy Perry that got 600,000 views had that big of a budget to work with…

Here is a link to many videos, tweets and blogs from *gasp* ACTUAL AFRICANS (many Ugandan) and the actual truth about the matter that should actually be the focus of this entire propaganda firestorm because…um…the video is actually about an African conflict? So it would make sense to um…maybe talk to some Africans?

And TMS Ruge: “We, Africans, are sandwiched between our historically factual imperfections and well-intentioned, road-to-hell-building-do-gooders. It is a suffocating state of existence. To be properly heard, we must ride the coattails of the self-righteous idiocy train. Even then, we have to fight for our voices to be respected.”

And our voices are not respected. Never have been and certainly aren’t now. So if you want to change something that’s actually within your control, maybe you should start with that.