Jane Elliott’s Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes Racism Exercise

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but I’ve never heard of this before today. It’s a pretty incredible thing to view and I urge you to watch the whole thing.

Children’s Exercise: http://youtu.be/8bWlTZZN3DY

Adult’s Exercise: http://youtu.be/f21RGIAtW0g

Entire film (starts at about 2:50): http://youtu.be/xZKNZ3GKWIo

Dealing with this racism thing, you get mindfucked into thinking it’s normal. To the point where you let yourself feel like you’re the one with the problem just for being angry and fed up and wanting to speak out. I fell into that in the first few years of this band because others reactions were so over the top and hostile. But then I read over my blogs and think they’re awesome. So I decided to keep going. Because I know that I’m right, even though most others try to pretend there’s something wrong with the things I say and do. It’s just another mindfuck. Everyone knows this stuff still happens. People know how they feel about Black people. But for some reason they feel like you shouldn’t have a right to speak up about it. Like as a Black person, you have no right to pride or self respect or use of the phrase “Fuck you.”

I don’t think of racism as normal. And I don’t care how you feel about me, no matter your color. Because at the end of the day, it DOES make it easier to know that in your mind, YOU are the one in control. People can do or say whatever they want. But if they don’t get in your head, it doesn’t mean SHIT. It really doesn’t. That’s where Jane Elliott is wrong. It does provide me with strength and comfort. You know how you can put a frog in a pot of water and bring it to a boil and they won’t jump out (PLEASE NO ONE DO THIS. I JUST READ IT SOMEWHERE.) they’ll just sit there and boil to death, because the heat is raised gradually. We’re just sitting here, boiling. This generation of Black people, so fucking happy with their iPads and fro-hawks…like things are different? Like they actually see YOU differently? They don’t. They just put away their hoses and dogs because we don’t fight back anymore. We laugh along. We join in. I see it so much from Black people, especially in this scene but in general as well. Such self hate but just happy to be at the party. Not like you were even invited, you just show up in uniform and stay in your place. “Don’t cause a fuss and remember who’s in charge, THEN you can stay.” “Yes, OK!” Pathetic as fuck. Is this what previous generations of Black people fought for? So you could sit around with some hipster White douchebag who makes Black jokes just so you can feel like you belong?

I guess it’s not en vogue nowadays to actually like being Black or actually like other Black people so I guess I’m out of fashion. But I guess I’m just not that desperate for inclusion anymore. And I’m not that afraid to be out there alone. I will not be intimidated. And I just don’t give a fuck. But most of all, I refuse to let myself be trained to accept the unacceptable. I refuse to just sit here and boil. So even if I sell 10 records or the audience to my films consists of only my mom (just like some of my early shows), I am content with that. I am NOT going to “go along just to get along”. Never been my style.