Non-Black People of Color, Black people are #NotYourMule

I am a Black woman who has lived in both Korea and Japan and has Black female acquaintances who have lived long term in China. I am also aware of all the rampant anti-Blackness present in South Asian cultures and the casual acceptance of Anti-Blackness, EXTREME Colorism and White Supremacy present in most Asian cultures as a whole. Because of this, the Twitter hashtag is especially interesting to me.

I do support PoC supporting each other in general, but how quickly nBPoC (non-Black People of Color) attack Black people for not including them is quite telling, since most nBPoC uphold the White Supremacist racial hierarchy like it’s their job. NBPoC are seemingly oblivious to the fact that in perpetuating the belief that White people are on top and Black people are on the bottom, you also cement YOUR place within that racist structure as second or 3rd class citizens of Humanity. Anti-Black People of Color are tools in their own oppression. So how can you complain about Black people not checking for you when you so covet the embrace of the hand which its sole purpose is to hold you down- hold ALL OF US down, collectively, as non-White people?

The term WoC was INVENTED BY BLACK WOMEN as a way to be inclusive of EVERYONE in the fight against White Supremacy:

Living in Asia, the disrespect and suspicion I face from Asian people in general who literally gain nothing from putting me down and disrespecting who I am and where I come from is appalling and infuriating. Not to mention the racism I have faced from Asian-Americans and non-Black Latinos back in the US. Black people always try to be inclusive of people who have shown time and time again that they couldn’t give a flying shit about us. Hell, I left post-Grad courses I was taking at Seoul National University in S. Korea because I LITERALLY COULD NOT LIVE IN A COUNTRY THAT HATES BLACK PEOPLE THAT MUCH. Like, I couldn’t handle it. And I come from the US. You know, that country where it’s literally fucking legal to murder Black people and it was part of the constitution that we’re 3/5ths human?

There are some Asian, Latino, and Native American people who have supported and . But there is also and my experiences as a Black woman in Asia that literally make me want to bomb the world. I have had many Asian people tell me to my face that Black people are too “aggressive” in standing up to racism and we should pipe down because there is even less Asian visibility in America “and we don’t complain about it all the time.” I just don’t know where all this entitlement for Black support comes from when you know full and well most people in your cultural group would NEVER stand up for a pro-Black cause ever. YOU even harbor anti-Black sentiment yourself, yet you have the nerve to get mad and speak out about this imaginary Black conspiracy of nBPoC exclusion BEFORE you get mad at White People? Wtf? Black people don’t have any power! Black people don’t have shit! We have to deal with hatred and discrimination FROM LITERALLY THE ENTIRE WORLD.

Chris Rock’s sexist and Anti-Asian jokes were bullshit. Of course. And you should speak up against that. However, support, respect and solidarity should be MUTUAL, not something you crawl out of the corners of social media to DEMAND after staying quiet as Black blood runs in the streets and Black bodies and cultures are demeaned, exploited and degraded, not only in America, but in your countries as well. If ANY nBPoC went to an African country, you would NEVER be treated as horribly as Black people are treated in Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. So when you get equally as riled up about changing that, then you have a right to ask for Black solidarity.  Until then, the load you carry is not ours to share. Black people are