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Hello, all. The White Noise Supremacists has been yappin’ her gums again…this time to the lovely Krawalla over at Megapeng Records where I was chosen as *booming voice* DECEMBER ACT OF THE MONTH. Check out the brief (& colorful) interview I did with her here: Interview.

Just for the interview, I recorded a down and dirty cover of Cat Power’s “Free”. And it’s aptly titled, cuz the track is available for FREE DOWNLOAD on the website (HOLY CRAP CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THIS NO YOU CAN’T BUT TRY ANYWAY.) Click download in the player at the end of the interview and voilà! But you better hurry up and grab your copy. There are only 100 downloads available. And you know you wanna be one of the cool kids, dontcha?

I am too African to be dealing with this dark and cold ass weather right now. Someone hold me.


Jane Elliott’s Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes Racism Exercise

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but I’ve never heard of this before today. It’s a pretty incredible thing to view and I urge you to watch the whole thing.

Children’s Exercise:

Adult’s Exercise:

Entire film (starts at about 2:50):

Dealing with this racism thing, you get mindfucked into thinking it’s normal. To the point where you let yourself feel like you’re the one with the problem just for being angry and fed up and wanting to speak out. I fell into that in the first few years of this band because others reactions were so over the top and hostile. But then I read over my blogs and think they’re awesome. So I decided to keep going. Because I know that I’m right, even though most others try to pretend there’s something wrong with the things I say and do. It’s just another mindfuck. Everyone knows this stuff still happens. People know how they feel about Black people. But for some reason they feel like you shouldn’t have a right to speak up about it. Like as a Black person, you have no right to pride or self respect or use of the phrase “Fuck you.”

I don’t think of racism as normal. And I don’t care how you feel about me, no matter your color. Because at the end of the day, it DOES make it easier to know that in your mind, YOU are the one in control. People can do or say whatever they want. But if they don’t get in your head, it doesn’t mean SHIT. It really doesn’t. That’s where Jane Elliott is wrong. It does provide me with strength and comfort. You know how you can put a frog in a pot of water and bring it to a boil and they won’t jump out (PLEASE NO ONE DO THIS. I JUST READ IT SOMEWHERE.) they’ll just sit there and boil to death, because the heat is raised gradually. We’re just sitting here, boiling. This generation of Black people, so fucking happy with their iPads and fro-hawks…like things are different? Like they actually see YOU differently? They don’t. They just put away their hoses and dogs because we don’t fight back anymore. We laugh along. We join in. I see it so much from Black people, especially in this scene but in general as well. Such self hate but just happy to be at the party. Not like you were even invited, you just show up in uniform and stay in your place. “Don’t cause a fuss and remember who’s in charge, THEN you can stay.” “Yes, OK!” Pathetic as fuck. Is this what previous generations of Black people fought for? So you could sit around with some hipster White douchebag who makes Black jokes just so you can feel like you belong?

I guess it’s not en vogue nowadays to actually like being Black or actually like other Black people so I guess I’m out of fashion. But I guess I’m just not that desperate for inclusion anymore. And I’m not that afraid to be out there alone. I will not be intimidated. And I just don’t give a fuck. But most of all, I refuse to let myself be trained to accept the unacceptable. I refuse to just sit here and boil. So even if I sell 10 records or the audience to my films consists of only my mom (just like some of my early shows), I am content with that. I am NOT going to “go along just to get along”. Never been my style.

More music coming soon…

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Nigerian Student Jailed After Self-Defence Against Racist Attack

Please spread this around as much as you can. He needs all the support he can get.

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According to African Outlook, Olaolu Sunkanmi Femi (aka) Olasunkanmi, a Nigerian student living in Ukraine, got arrested for allegedly defending himself against six teenagers who attacked him. He is facing life imprisonment.

African Outlook states that he defended himself against his assailants with a broken bottle in front of his apartment block on November 5, 2011 in Luhanski, Ukraine.
Witnesses told African Outlook that one of his friends was physically attacked in front of his apartment by four Ukrainian young men and two women while hurling racist slurs on them.

Olasunkanmi would have managed to get up and defend himself with a glass from a broken bottle. “It was while he was defending himself that police arrived at the scene and the Nigerian was subsequently arrested and charged with attempted murder of five people” a Nigerian embassy staff who has knowledge of the case told African Outlook. The victim thus became an accused in a case which has become famous in Ukraine.

Olasunkanmi has since been remanded in detention by the Ukrainian police. They refuse to take the case to court citing unavailability of the police to get an interpreter for him.

Protest have been organized since. For more info please read African Outlook and other sources.

To raise support for Olasukanmi, a Facebook Page: Let’s Support Olaolu Femi has been opened.

Zoe Saldana is Nina Simone. Um, no.

So, in a world where Adepero Oduye exists, Nina Simone will be played by…Zoe Saldana.



It’s just so blatantly racist. And yes, I know Saldana is Black. And no, I am not one of those ridiculous Black people who administers “Black exams” to judge who’s “Black enough” and who isn’t. God knows I’ve met enough assholes who try to do that shit to me. But it’s obvious that the whole reason she is cast is because she is a Black woman who is attractive in a way that is non-threatening to White people. But more specifically, young White men. If White men between the ages of 18-25 don’t wanna bang you, you are pretty much seen as useless in Hollywood. She has a straight nose, thinner lips, long straightened hair and has starved herself into a bobblehead (sorry, but she has and it’s so sad). And she is often in sexualized roles where she is intimate with White men. This, apparently, is all you need to be fap material for your average White dude. She has apparently joined the ranks of Halle Berry and Beyonce as “Black women it’s ok to openly admit to wanting to bang.” And the fact that these things factor into her being chosen to play NINA SIMONE, of all people, is so offensive I want to spit glass shards.

Nina Simone wasn’t a straight haired, fair-skinned waif. She was repeatedly told all through her youth and career that she was too dark, with too wide a nose and lips to be successful. She wanted to be a classical pianist but was turned down from conservatory because they were racist. Her triumph and success, especially during the civil rights movement was all the more powerful because she wasn’t some passive, light skinned, Europeanized version of a Black woman. Her appearance is so integral to her story because of those things. And to completely erase that aspect of her struggle to appeal to a demographic that most likely doesn’t even give a crap about Nina Simone or what she stood for anyway is disgusting. And it is obvious that the director and producers have absolutely no respect for Ms. Simone or her music and message not only because of the laughably absurd casting but because they didn’t even consult her family/estate at all during the entire process and still have not; even as they are approaching their shooting start date.

Whitewashing is disgusting and Hollywood needs to be called out about it. The only thing more vomit-inducing than their portrayals of women is their portrayals of Women of Color. Black women are not only half White or light skinned. But these are the only kinds of Black women that they feel comfortable casting as romantic interests. And I use “romantic” quite loosely being that these women are only around to be groped, ogled, abused and fucked in roles that are completely passive and gratuitously sexual. But when you don’t need a Black woman for White guys to fuck, like, you just need a Black woman to be angry or fat or addicted to crack or, like, to clean something, then you cast the dark Black women. It’s disgusting and appalling that White executives have the gall to be so blatant about it. But when PoC in Hollywood rarely stand up to challenge it, what do you expect? Textbook bully syndrome, really. You only go after the ones that don’t fight back. That’s pretty much been White culture’s m.o. for a couple thousand years now. You think we would’ve picked up on that at some point.

There is a petition here:

I haven’t signed it…on one hand what these filmmakers did is undeniably disgusting but on the other hand I don’t like telling some rich White execs to fire a Black woman but on the other hand Saldana should know better but on the other hand her entire career is based on being the palatable, non-threatening Black woman so I don’t know. This is a huge problem in Hollywood so I thought I would at least address it and then present it to you to make the choice if you feel strongly enough to sign.

This practice has angered me for a long time. I decided I wanted to make films when I was 13 or 14 and consumed them obsessively since then. And from Rosario “I’m a little bit Black but not that Black really hardly any Black in me but oh are you casting a Black role then yeah I’m totally Black!” Dawson in many of her movies but specifically in the Josie and the Pussycats movie (laugh all you want but I loved that cartoon as a kid and Valerie was dark and had an afro and was in a band and even though she only played the goddamned tambourine (wtf) it was awesome and I was SO MAD when she was cast with Dawson and yes I was 19 when that movie came out which made me a grown ass woman but we are not going to address that right now, thank you very much) to Halle Berry as Storm, like, what the fuck. How dare you. HOW DARE YOU, A PLAGUE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES, etc. My only dream is for the head of Fox to get a damn aneurysm and fall into a coma and then wake up with the mind and personality of a strong and self respecting Black woman so we can finally get a goddamned Storm in a movie that is true to the comics and has all her strength, regality and general African badassery and not all this meek, doe eyed, sexualized bullshit. I mean SHE WENT FROM A THIEVING ORPHAN TO BEING EQUAL TO XAVIER IN POWER AND LEADERSHIP AND LED THE X MEN AFTER BEATING CYCLOPS EVEN WHEN SHE LOST HER POWERS AND BASICALLY TOLD HIM TO GTFO. Ugh. I have so many repressed feelings about that character and how she was massacred. And DON’T even get me started on what they did to Rogue…

Sorry, I got sidetracked and have a lot of nerd feelings (obvs). But yes, the roles available for Black women are atrocious and the way Black women are presented in the film and music industries is atrocious and though I’m sure Halle Berry could very possibly be a lovely woman who went through a lot of shit to get her career, you can’t use that as a reason not to comment on all the racist, damaging fuckery that many of her roles and the roles of many other Black actresses like her help perpetuate. It’s damaging to young Black girls who really feel that they are not worthy of respect. And they grow into Black women who feel the same way. I mean, you should see the way some White people I meet through playing shows and booking my band try and speak to me/treat me. Or even before, when I was working regular shitty jobs in retail or whatever. Or even occasional people who were supposed to be “friends”. It’s like, did you seriously just talk to me like that/do that to me? What planet are you from that you think that’s even vaguely appropriate? And when I say don’t treat me disrespectfully, they look at me like I have 12 heads and pull out the whole “angry, uppity Black woman with a chip on her shoulder” schtick. Like I’m supposed to just stand there and grin while you talk to me like I’m your 3 year old or your fucking dog or some shit. But they act like that because I really don’t think they are used to Black women standing up for themselves. It’s shocking to them. And White culture raises White people to think that Black people who fight back are bad and Black people who are passive are good. Just look at the difference between the way they portray MLK Jr. and Malcolm X. I’ve even heard many crazy White people compare The Black Panthers to the Klan. I mean, seriously?

I am going to make films and just like my music, I will have to do it independently with no outside support because there is no room in either system for PoCs and especially WoC to be who we are and not filtered through lenses of White male supremacy. I mean, where are the movies made for Black people by Black people? Where are my generation’s Robert Townsends and Euzhan Palcys, etc. If the stereotype is your reality, fine. You have a right to that. But I have a right to my reality as well. My experience and perspective as a Black woman is just as valid and authentically Black as yours. But there is no room for varied and complex Black experiences in the industry. So fuck ’em. They are desperate and running out of ideas because they are not the creatives. They are the suits. They need us more than we need them. But Black people and Women don’t seem to understand that. So they just line up and straighten and weave and starve and smile and lighten and strip and shimmy and twerk and hope to be thrown a bone. That is pathetic. And it makes me angry that WoC and especially young Black girls are led to believe that is the only way to get ahead. And things will only change when we start thinking differently about ourselves and start demanding more. Or better yet, picking up our pens, cameras and classical or contemporary monologues and fucking doing it for ourselves like we used to. That will change everything.

Now, off to write…

POC in NYC – Protect yourself from Police Violence

Please forward widely

Please note: this series is open to Latin@s and other people of color who are concerned about police violence in their communities.

*Workshop 1, March 24, 2012, 1-3pm*

*at the Domestic Workers United Office: 1201 Broadway, Suite 907 (N/R to 28th St.)*

*Staying Safer During Police Encounters**Will include  *Tools for de-escalating police encounters * Safety planning in case of arrest * Protecting yourself against police brutality (falls and guards) * Know your rights and exercising them effectively * How to get involved in the movement to end police violence*

Workshop 2, April 28, 1-3pm:  Police Violence, Trauma and Healing

Workshop 3, May 19, 1-3pm:  Legal Strategies and Legal Clinic

Workshop 4, June 30, 1-3pm: Taking Power Back – Organizing for Justice

* To rsvp email Justicecommittee (at) gmail (dot) com and indicate which training(s) you’d like to attend.  (It’s not necessary to attend all trainings.)*

The Justice Committee is a Latin@-led grassroots organization dedicated to building a movement against police violence and systemic racism in NYC.

KONY 2012 is a load of self righteous, racist, misinformed crap.

This is a GREAT page. And everyone who has spread that “KONY 2012” video and doesn’t spread this with the same urgency is a hypocrite. I am SO TIRED of the western world using the supposedly “sub-human, war torn, famine and AIDS ridden hellhole called Africa” myth to line their own pocketbooks. It is racist tripe and and only helps fuel the collective Oblivious White Western Ego. “Oh look at us! We’re SAVING them. Aren’t we GRAND!” But it never addresses the issue of actually HOW and WHY many of these countries are in the position they are in in the first place. Here’s a hint, it ain’t Kony. Here is one of my favorite quotes from Teju Cole: “From Sachs to Kristof to Invisible Children to TED, the fastest growth industry in the US is the White Savior Industrial Complex,” Cole writes. “The white savior supports brutal policies in the morning, founds charities in the afternoon, and receives awards in the evening.” Until the west finally admits to it’s own hand in the brutality that has taken place on that continent and decide to rectify THAT, they have nothing to say to me or any other African about anything.

How quickly did everyone forget about Bono and the ONE foundation/ Project RED campaign and how it came out that they made about 9.6 million pounds a year and BARELY 1 PERCENT of it went to actual charity. And when questioned they pulled the same Invisible Children “It’s not a charity, it’s just to raise awareness”. Since when do you need millions of dollars to make a viral video? Who knew that 7th grader in Iowa who made a youtube lip sync vid to Katy Perry that got 600,000 views had that big of a budget to work with…

Here is a link to many videos, tweets and blogs from *gasp* ACTUAL AFRICANS (many Ugandan) and the actual truth about the matter that should actually be the focus of this entire propaganda firestorm because…um…the video is actually about an African conflict? So it would make sense to um…maybe talk to some Africans?

And TMS Ruge: “We, Africans, are sandwiched between our historically factual imperfections and well-intentioned, road-to-hell-building-do-gooders. It is a suffocating state of existence. To be properly heard, we must ride the coattails of the self-righteous idiocy train. Even then, we have to fight for our voices to be respected.”

And our voices are not respected. Never have been and certainly aren’t now. So if you want to change something that’s actually within your control, maybe you should start with that.

Time Capsule

DeKalb Ave.

So I came across a journal entry from my cousin from almost 10 years ago. It had me loling so I had to share. The funny thing is I don’t even remember this encounter. But I guess growing up in NYC, after a while, your crackhead encounters tend to blur together:

Monday, March 17, 2003

So Ife and me had just finished watching LOTR:TT in the crapiest theatre in the world-Chelsea Cinema-, and we went to catch the “Q”. So while standing on the platform, this lady crack head kept pacing up and down, and when the train came she got on. She asked the whole car for money, and no one gave her any (cause they knew she was a crack head), so then she walked up to me as I was the only standing person on the train. She started to recite some sort of speech, maybe it was from a play, or something she made up, or was making up. It was really crazy. She talked about television characters, and civil rights movement people, and made up some story about how I came to a party, or someone’s house and she was there w/ like Malcolm X or something and I kept trying to sell drugs to kids. Also for some reason she kept asking me to take off my hood. All the while I was trying to move to the opposite side of the pole from where she was (and of course she’d follow me). I just kept looking at her hands, and making sure that if she reached for something I would be able to lift my leg up and kick/push her in the face w/ my foot, hopefully sending her to the opposite side of the car where I would disarm her, and try and get off the train. Thankfully the train stopped before she tried anything more crazy, and me and Ife got off the train. Then I saw her move to another car, and Ife and me got back on the train. If she had stabbed me, nobody, except possibly Ife would’ve even helped me on that car of death.

Thank You New York!

A Move to Stillness

So I’m back in Berlin and have been back for a bit. It is so dreary and rainy but at least not freezing. My first German winter was horrible. I felt like I was dying. Not having any sun affected me so much. Now it’s calm. But for how long?…

I’ve been staying with my friend Mary. We’ve spent days just talking about being disappointed in men and art and music and being strange. I feel like it kind of sucks for strange girls. Especially when you are nearing 30 and not very much a girl anymore. Even as a girl I lacked that “girlishness” that made a female cute and innocuous. I had it at first but then after awhile it was always “she scares me sometimes…”

I don’t mind being scary. I actually quite like it. But it’s just so disappointing to always have to…it’s like walking around in an unmarked box with the lid on. It’s so easy to find out what’s inside. Just open the lid and see. But that’s too much of a problem for some people. They’d rather just take a glance, make their deductions based on NOTHING of relevance and then move on; clinging to their shallow judgements as if it were actual fact.

I don’t like wearing everything on my sleeve. I think it’s boring. Or it can be. I like reservedness and propriety. I enjoy choosing not to do things and not saying other things. I feel power in silence and being in control of myself is thrilling. And choosing to let go of or give up that control is just as thrilling. I dunno. I’m always much more impressed with people who could but don’t. Not because they can’t, but because they’d simply prefer not to. I used to not be able to. Now I can and more. And sometimes I do. But as a general state of being? I’d just prefer not to. Yes, it’s cleaner. Safer. You only get your hands dirty when necessary, but also, it’s my defiance. I was always surrounded by people that just compulsively do everything all the time. Compulsively say everything all the time. Everyone always sees those people as confident but I always saw them as the most frightened people in the room. I didn’t buy it.

I still don’t. I will walk into the room, neatly and conservatively (yet colorfully and stylishly) dressed. I will sit down in the chair, straight-backed, cross my legs and neatly clasp my hands on my lap. I will say hello, maybe with a smile, maybe with a nod, be polite and say excuse me, please and thank you. I won’t get drunk, I won’t get high. I won’t even raise my voice, if I choose to even say another word. And the seas will crash and the tornadoes will come and I’m not worried. Straight-backed in my chair. Eyes ahead. Maybe a smile, maybe not. With a heart on fire, prose in my pocket and eyes as wide as the first day.

THAT is my defiance. And I will not move.

We’re moooving….

I am transferring my old blog from myspace over here, little by little. I care about writing and exchanging ideas so I feel this would be the best format for me to do such things. There’ll still be news about my band posted here but there will also be news about any other projects I am a part of as well as posts about any topic that I feel like expressing thoughts about. The whole “BAND OFFICIAL SITE” thing seemed too impersonal and limiting. And I really hate having 28,000 links to update. So this site will be the hub.